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I am sounding the alarm for African American women business owners. Here are the tools to launch your business dreams beyond your wildest imagination! Expect F*cking More! The 5 Keys To Business Success For African American Women is your business blueprint. Within this book, you will learn the five keys to business success. I show you how to take the leap from worker to successful business owner.

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone? Leave your job and expand your business? If your answer is YES! This book is your confirmation…it is time to follow your heart and stop working on someone else’s vision.

I am speaking to you!

It’s time to Expect F*cking More! And learn the five keys to business success. Let me teach you!

>>> From business educator Dr. Bee Thomas <<<


Dr. Burnetta (Bee) Thomas started her first company in 2007. She has been instrumental in launching two of San Diego’s highest-rated and most profitable dispensaries. Dr. Thomas is an Air Force veteran, former federal police officer, and college professor. Dr. Thomas holds a Doctoral degree in Business Administration. She is renowned for her published studies on the success factors of African American women entrepreneurs, and her work as a cannabis entrepreneur.

In Expect F*cking More, The 5 keys to business success for African American Women 
you will learn:

 The tools necessary for business success, to take you from employee to successful business owner.

 How to develop your business from right where you are starting with what you have.

 The kind of support and education African American Women entrepreneurs need to build better companies.

 How to grow your business and think bigger.

 Resources to increase your financial literacy, networking, mindset, and so much more!